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How can I apply?

Anyone can apply for a job vacancy in Lidl, regardless with age, gender or origin. It depends on the requirements of the position you are applying for. We are looking for highly motivated candidates, matching our vacancies' skills.

When should I apply?

We are looking for highly motivated candidates to work in various sectors. You can apply for one of our published vacancies on our website, as long as you are interested and you believe you match the requirements. If you cannot find a published job advertisement of your interest, that means there is no need at the time to fill a relevant position. In this case, you can keep in touch with our website regularly for new posts.

How should I apply?

If you are interested in one of our vacancies, you can use our online application of each vacancy page. Your attached files should be sent in a .doc or .pdf format.
Application for managerial positions should include a brief description of why you want to join us and why you think you would fit in, including a current CV. Even if you are interested in store positions, the only way you can send your application is through our online forms. Job applications cannot be submitted in our stores.

After we receive your application

Your resume will be saved in our database, as we do not maintain paper files, and it will be assesed by the department of the vacancy you have applied for.
In case you have sent your resume expressing your interest in one of our posted vacancies, you are going to receive a positive or a negative response.

We would like to inform you that your personal data are not being forwarded to third parties and are only used in terms of our potential professional collaboration. The procession of personal data is in accordance with the requirements that Law 138 (I) 2001 [the Processing of Personal Data (Protection of Individuals)], as applicable today. Every candidate holds the right of information, access and objection, as provided for in the Law above.

In case you need further information about our Personal data protection policy, you can visit "Data Protection".

For any information regarding application issues please call our Customer Support Center 800 94404 (calls only within Cyprus).